Flash Mob

The Flash Mob was one of the most eye catching and enthusiastic performances given by the students and teachers of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, during their visit to France as part of the Indo-French Exchange Programme 2017 . It was a great hit amongst the French students and teachers.The flash mob was first performed at the grounds of the host school, Cite Scolaire Saint Exupery, Bourg Saint Maurice,France. The performance was choreographed by the school’s dance department led by Mr.Divay Dua and was staged on the Indian remix of the song, shape of you (by Ed Sheeran and Diljit Dosanjh). Groups of students joined the dance in a sequential fashion, from the crowd gathered around. The response was so overwhelming that even the French students and teachers participated leading to a bigger and livelier show. The Flash Mob was indeed an exciting and mood uplifting event for one and all. The word spread out and the exchange students were called to perform outside the city hall. With each performance the mob grew bigger and was filled with unprecedented energy and vibrance. The list of participants was unending and included students, teachers ,parents, tourists and the people of the city. This was the first time that Delhi Public School,Gurgaon, had performed a flash mob as part of their cultural exchange programme. They received great recognition and applause for their foot tapping dance performance. The students plan to perform it once again, during the visit of the French students and teachers to India.

                                                                                                              -Abhimanyu Kapoor Saraya


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