After bidding heart-breaking goodbyes to our partners, we all headed to the second part of our sejour, Paris. After a long relaxing train ride from Lyon with little segments of breath-taking scenery on our way we finally reached The city of lights – Paris.

We met our tour guide who preferred to be called “Raj”, a person who loved India and Bollywood. The first day out in the city, we visited Le museé du Louvre, where we saw numerous masterpieces we had been studying about in our French books… Ahh ! Mona Lisa mesmerised us ! Soon after, we left for a cruise of river Seine …. It was such an amazing experience to see all the grand monuments on either side of the river Seine.  People were sitting on the banks of the river, waving at us and enjoying a relaxed afternoon.  The next day was the most awaited day in Paris, as we visited the stunning piece of architecture – The Eiffel Tower. We went up and down the tower, as we were still unable to believe that we were finally standing on the Eiffel Tower. We even had lunch in the Eiffel tower at 58 Tour!

We then headed for the famous city of Versailles, another historic place and were amazed by the history and the beauty of the palace! The next place we visited was Champs Elysees! The wondrous street where we all had our hands full of shopping bags and mind full of the aesthetically pleasing monuments, such as Arc de Triomphe.  On the last day, we were lucky to visit Disneyland ! The place where we became 10 again and enjoyed like small children ! We came back to India with a bag full of knowledge, memories and experiences!

                                                                                                            -Navya Gehlot


Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
Musée du Louvre
Disneyland Paris

-Navya Gehlot


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