The day trip to Annecy a beautiful city 3 hours and 30 minutes away from boug Saint Maurice was one of my favourite excursions during the entire exchange. The feeling of freedom, the cool breeze ,the beauty and culture of the city are somethings I am never likely to forget. The day started off with with us heading to the mall and being introduced to all of our partners favourite shopping stores followed by lunch a quite joyful picnic by the river full of delicious sandwiches and inside jokes. The sun reflecting off of the lake and the distant snowy mountains and all the colourful flowers around us was a mesmerising sight that left me quite speechless. Soon after soaking in the sun we decided to go boat riding which ended up with us laughing like there was no tomorrow, listening to music and clicking photos of each other. After this we spent most of the day shopping for souvenirs, eating ice cream by the bridge, exploring the city, visiting Palais de lilsles and so much more!

                                                                                                                                             -Pooja Dua


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  1. Amélie Nicolas says:

    I would like to talk about the trip we did to Jaipur and Agra, a 7-hour road trip. We saw so many beautiful monuments like Hawa Mahal which is one of my favourite monuments. Also Amber Fort which is an impressive palace, it’s huge and I loved to visited it ! Of course the Taj Mahal is a magnificent monument and I’m very glad to have seen it once in my life. in New Delh, I visited The Red Fort, a fantastic place, and one of the markets which are so different from French ones.


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