Stellina was my partner and she was someone who was a stranger but now is one of my closest friends, a friend forever. Beginning with the things that I experienced for the first time. SNOWFALL. So beautiful! Skiing, even though I fell everytime and the food. Oh god the food! So delicious. Lastly, how loved I felt in a building that I now call my second home. My French family, within two weeks became my family. I loved them more than anyone and I still love them the most. They made me feel at home and never for a moment did I feel like I was in a different country away from my own family. My mother was so keen on learning about my culture and to make sure I don’t get homesick that she learnt a Hindi song for me. My stepdad had 76 dogs and he named four of the puppies after mowgli. They loved me like their own daughter and I couldn’t thank them more. My one year old sister was the highlight of all my days there and babysitting her was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’d do anything to go back to them and I miss them more everyday !

                                                                                                                                            -Iha Prakash


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  1. Lucile Ansaldi says:

    My partner was Tanya, it was really enjoyable to welcome her to France. During her journey, we visited a castle, walked in the fresh snow, celebrated her birthday, saw a dance show… My parents and I loved her enthusiasm and her shiny smile during these two weeks. When I went to India, her family welcomed me not as a guest but as a second daughter. Here, I visited museums, temples, palaces, I saw colorful markets, beautiful shops, I met her family, learnt how to speak some hindi words…I also celebrated Diwali and adopted the local customs during this festival. Her mom – who is also a bit mine now – cooked for me so many different and delicious dishes : Dahl, parathas (my favourite…), dosa, aloo gobi, chapati…Her father and brother showed me many things about Indian traditional culture like festivals, traditional dresses, sports… and everything that Indians do in India ! I couldn’t thank them enough for this amazing trip !


  2. Margot says:

    This exchange was amazing and unforgettable !! And I remember, when I arrived in India, I was exhausted. However, when I saw Bhavya in the crowd, it made me so glad ! But I was scared of meeting my Indian family, afraid of not being like they thought. After a long drive across Delhi, we arrived at the flat. I put my bags in the bedroom, and when I came back into the living room, I saw this cake, a French cake called “Opera” which I like. At that moment, my fear left me, and I ate the cake with my Indian brother, my Indian sister and my Indian mother. During my stay, my Indian mother always asked me if I was ok in her house. But I was feeling like in my own home ! She was just like my mother. I really miss my Indian family. I remember when we played cards and all the moments we spent together… I miss all of this… My Indian family will have a place in my heart forever.

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