Project Muskan

The French students had gone to Government Girls School in Kanhai village on. It was indeed an enriching experience for them as they were extremely elated to see little girls studying to accomplish their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The students were divided into groups of 5 and sat with the girls to make Rangolis. They were astonished by the talent in those little hands. They also gave gifts such as notebooks and stationary to the girls and the girls were very happy to receive them. The girls interacted with the French students and taught them a little about their own version of India. There were a lot of pictures clicked and the French students were able to see the Young India that is moving towards development and growth. When it was time to leave all of them had tears in their eyes, signifiying that they will remember and cherish this moment forever!

                                                                                                                                      Akarsh Khanna


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  1. Mathilde Caruso says:

    Going to the Government School is one of my strongest memories. Seeing these children so happy when we gave them our small gifts moved me deeply. It was a day I will never forget. Their good mood has touched us all. We learned a lot from them.


  2. Louna Accorsi says:

    That’s make me remember so many good memories. But actually like Mathilde says before anging with all this awesome little girls was the most beneficial experience of my all life. I remember their excitation when we arrived at school with some school staff to offer them…
    I’m really grateful of the indian teachers and ours teachers who have found a way to let us live this extrordinary day.
    Thank’s to them we got the opportunities to contribute to the common good during a time .
    Thank’s again and hope to see you soon guys XXX


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