School started from the second week of our programme. Our host school “Cité Scolaire Saint Exupery” was located in the heart of the town of Bourg Saint Maurice, Rhone Alpes, France. We were welcomed by the Principal, who gave us an inspiring speech. Both the Indians and the French then gave presentations showcasing their culture. We got the opportunity to attend Spanish, English and Art lessons, which were a lot of fun and a learning experience. Meeting and talking to so many school-goers, of different ages, enlightened and surprised me, as I came across different perspectives and thoughts which students had on various issues.
A few of the students who lived in far off villages lived in the hostel, which was a whole new experience. On the last day of school, we all did a flash mob. Hundreds of children joined in and participated with full gusto. The cultural evening was organized in the town hall on the last day of school, where all host French families were invited. This event showcased how beautiful and diverse our cultures are, through the medium of dance, music, food and art!

Ania Singh


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  1. Malorie Janin says:

    It has been a pleasure welcoming you guys at school! We loved your presence… although it was as intimidating for us as for all of you, we managed to get involved as much as we could, and it has been a wonderful experience! Our culture is so different and still, we managed to get on as if we always knew each other… thanks again for all that you guys made for us, starting with the royal welcoming and incredible trip! Everything was incredible, starting from food (I’ve made some coffe with my family and I never knew it was that way we made it), dances, culture, respect for the others and of course your way of having made us feel like home.
    Thanks again, hope I’ll get to see you soon!


  2. Gaelle BOUCHENOT says:

    Visiting your school was amazing too! We learn some dances, songs and how to do pottery, which is something that we can’t do in a french school!! Your school was also really bigger than our. We were really happy to visit the governmental school help by DPS,playing with the little girls is my best memories! We could talk with students of the Shiksha Kendra, it was very interesting as well.


  3. Ania Singh says:

    Honestly one of the most memorable experience of my life!!! Truly enjoyed every bit of it!!! Hope to see all my French mates soon ❤


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